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What is Fluid LOCAL?

The purpose of Fluid LOCAL is to help local businesses create more rich local content that drives leads across areas they service while also generating new review opportunities to share with potential customers.  

Our platform is broken down into two parts:




For every interaction with a customer, a Checkin opportunity exists.  If you are running a field service operation like appliance repair, a Checkin would take place for every appliance being serviced.  If you are selling white goods, a Checkin would take place for every product being sold and delivered.  

Each checkin is then turned into a blog post by Fluid LOCAL and embedded on your website and broken down by each city you are servicing.  Each post will be identified by search engines like Google and are loaded with the right keywords relevant to your industry, which will increase your overall web presence on local search engine results.  Let Fluid LOCAL help your business create dynamic content for your website by sharing your company’s story.  


When a job is completed, a review can be requested through Fluid LOCAL allowing a “fluid” review process for each customer increasing the likelihood of earning 5 star reviews. Your business deserves to take credit for the wins as much as the losses.

Fluid LOCAL will also solicit reviews on 3rd-party review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. Share your story, build your reputation, and earn more business.

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Earn More Positive Reviews

Studies show that the best time to ask for a review is immediately after completing the job. Fluid LOCAL lets you ask for it before you leave the customer! We make it so easy that our clients average more than a 20% response rate.

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Dominate Local Organic SEO

Our staff will integrate Fluid LOCAL into your company website providing search ranking benefits. Every checkin and every review drops a pin where your satisfied customers are, building a bigger reputation footprint every day to send you to the top of Google’s rankings everywhere you work!

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Easy to Use

Checkin with iOS, Android, and mobile web describing every time you service a customer. Add photos and videos! Easily share checkins and reviews to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and more!

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Team Leaderboard

Challenge your team to get the most reviews with the team leaderboard. View rankings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis from our native mobile apps. Keep up to date on the last checkin and location from every member of your team.

Real-Time Reporting

Schedule, save, and share comprehensive real-time reports for reviews, team leaders, checkins, team activity, city activity, page traffic, and customer information.

Full Data Ownership

You own the data Fluid LOCAL helps you create, and you can export it at any time. You’ll stay with Fluid LOCAL because of the results, not because we hold your data hostage.