Build a Local Search Presence

  • Take control of your local presence and build your own brand and empower your website using the content that your team is creating everyday. Teach search engines like Google that you are an authority in your field by sharing your work.
  • Dynamic heat maps that can filter based on team member, city, product, or brands
  • Automatically create dedicated landing pages based on the cities you provide service.
  • All content is hosted on your website and not Fluid's. It's your content and you should get 100% of the credit with your customers and search engines.
  • Share the specifics from the job including the technician, product type, brand, model number, and the actual notes from your technician in the field. Build trust with your local community with more transparency and authenticity.
  • Only takes a few minutes to configure and add Fluid Local on a Wordpress website, our plugin will do the hard work for you!
  • Create specific pages on your website centered around a specific product type or brand that you service. Create review pages for every brand you service as a Subzero Refrigerator customer has different expectations then a Hotpoint Refrigerator customer.

Manage your Local Reputation

  • Earn more Google Reviews while ensuring that not all of your survey traffic is focused on Google alone. Google Reviews are important to maintain, but their reviews alone only help Google Search, not your brand.
  • Share the feedback you get from Fluid Local along with many other third party review options on your website, including Google, Facebook, Yellowpages, Yelp, BBB, and more!
  • Reply to surveys through Fluid Local to bring context to the feedback your customers provide
  • No limits on how many surveys you can send so you can be confident that every customer is able to share feedback

Measure your Team

  • Drive a better service experience based on feedback for each member on your team
  • Measure the feedback your customers provide as you can break down reporting by technician, city, brand, or product.
  • Automatically create dedicated landing pages for each field technician on your team showing the reviews and job content that relate to each team member
  • Reconcile nearly all of the feedback you earn using Fluid Local with the specific job metrics from your BMS or Dispatch software


  • Fluid Local's goal is to provide you maximum value while interrupting your day as little as possible
  • Our integration library will continue to grow based on the needs of our customers
  • Rossware has provided a dedicated export option to quickly request surveys and post content through Fluid Local
  • Wordpress is our go-to website architecture and Fluid Local has a dedicated plugin to create and embed any Fluid Local feature
  • Don't see an app in our integration, let us know what we should connect with! Fluid Local also has Rest API available, we're always willing to explore new automations.