Meet Our Staff

Adam and Alex are the team behind Fred’s Appliance Service and the Academy. For years, we’ve assisted in facilitating setting the standard for efficiency and productivity in appliance repair while helping to solve the appliance industry’s biggest problems.

Training new appliance repair technicians has been a focal point of the industry for many years. Fred’s Appliance Academy went from training their own technicians to helping other appliance repair company’s recruit and train new field staff from across the country & the world! While addressing the technician shortage, they identified that companies needed help in marketing and administrative operations to increase profitability and get in front of their customers in an ever-changing digital marketplace.

Unlike most marketing firms, who have never had any real appliance repair experience, they use their own companies to test out new methods. In result, Fluid drives real world results with each client. Reach out today! We love chatting about the industry!

Fluid Services

Adam has overseen Fred’s Appliance Academy operations since 2008. Adam's passion for the business keeps us on our toes as he encourages thinking outside the box and welcomes change.  Adam has had in excess of 20 years of exposure to the appliance industry.


  • Operations Manager of Fred’s Appliance, LLC 2002 - Current Warranty claims admin, contract negotiations, human resources, software implementation
  • Director of Fred’s Appliance Academy, LLC 2008 - Current.   Adam has assisted in growing our Academy to host students from virtually every state in the US.
  • Founder of Fluid Services, LLC 2017 - Current.  A marketing company geared towards the internet presence of field service companies
  • On site consulting - Adam has consulted in excess of 40 companies across the country.  He has assisted in implementing a paperless dispatch environment and general operations streamlining.

Has Served on the Following Industry Boards:

  • United Servicers Association 2010 - 2016 Served on the United Services Association board of directors
  • Whirlpool Factory Certified Care Council 2013 - 2015 Served on the Whirlpool Factory Certified Care Council
  • NEW / Asurion Advisory Council 2014 - 2015 Served on the Advisory Council for Asurion
Adam Butcher
Adam Butcher
Fluid Services

Working in the appliance industry since 2001, Alex has worked in appliance service, worked at a few different part distribution centers, helped create technical content for an appliance manufacturer, and even sold new appliances experiencing nearly every part of the appliance industry first hand.   Being exposed to all of these perspectives made it an easy transition to Fred's Appliance Academy in 2014.

With the goal of expanding and scaling up the training process established at Fred's Appliance Academy, Alex has helped the Academy grow its brand on a global scale leading to students to attend from all around the world.  While working closely with owners and managers of appliance repair businesses, Alex discovered that the need for administrative training and consultation was as strong as the need for field technical training.  With the Academy in capable hands, Alex co-founded Fluid Services with Adam Butcher in 2017 with the goal of open sourcing the Fred's Appliance service operation to help raise the bar of the appliance repair industry and eventually all field service operations.

Alex is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations at Fluid Services which includes managing and supporting the host of custom applications including Fluid Local, which helps companies manage their reputations and create dynamic local content from their own team.  Fluid also provides website management services for field service companies nationwide including custom application development to help companies design solutions that fit the flow of their operation.

Alex also consults weekly with companies all around the world on improving their field service operations by leveraging the real-world data provided by his own service operation, Fred's Appliance.