New Fluid Local and Textline Integration

September 29, 2021
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Fluid Local, our reputation and local content generation app for field service companies, has a new integration!

Fluid Local has always been able to send surveys to your customer by email or SMS, but the phone number we used for texting surveys was always a Fluid owned and branded phone number. To create a more personalized experience with your customers that connects with your local brand when sending surveys, a company using Fluid Local can now integrate with their existing Textline account and send out surveys using their dedicated texting phone number. Message rates may apply when using Textline to send surveys by SMS.

Textline makes business texting easy and now a Fluid Local survey sent by Textline will show in your conversation history. It also shows in your customer’s conversation history making it easier to identify who the survey is for which can increase overall engagements as Textline users typically have an active conversation history with their customers already.

Integrating with Textline also makes it real easy for customers to engage with your team by text as all responses will now load into your Textline portal. Makes it easy to save the day and avoid negative feedback!

If your company is already using Textline, it’s easy to setup!

Start by logging into your Textline account and obtain your unique access token. Normally only an admin can see this.

Place the token in the field under Textline Integrations within Fluid Local. Select the department and phone number within your Textline account that you want to send your SMS messages and enable the integration. That’s it!

Once toggled in Fluid Local, Textline will start sending your customer surveys, when applicable, by SMS!

One last thing we recommend doing when you finish setting up your integration with Textline is to add an automation rule to auto-resolve survey submissions. This will avoid any confusion with your support team when surveys are sent out.

Image below will show how to structure the automation. The department you choose should match the department selected in Fluid Local. The message body text to screen must include as it gets cut off in the screenshot:

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs.

That should keep the sent surveys from distracting your team unless a customer decides to reply to the text.

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