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Working since the 1990s in the appliance industry, the co-founders of Fluid Services strive to provide a stellar appliance repair service experience with every customer. To accomplish this, a field service company must be willing to document and follow up with every aspect of the customer's repair experience. From following through on part orders to requesting customer reviews after every completed job, grow your business by making life easier for your staff and customers.

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Administrative & Support Consulting

Our techniques and workflows are focused on placing your technicians on the path of least resistance.  Empower your office staff with the best support methods we have developed to drive productivity.  An appliance repair technician needs to focus on fixing appliances.  We believe that a productive service operation will do everything possible to put their service technicians in a position to succeed.  

Whether you are just starting out or have over 20 technicians in the field, we can help you solve administrative issues plaguing your company and hampering your productivity.  As a complimentary service, we provide various resources at the link below.  We wanted to make it easy to find various platforms and products that we recommend.  

Appliance Business ResourcesSoftware, Business setup, phone systems, and more

Customer Communication Management

Do you feel as if you can never get ahead of your customers?  Tired of responding to fires on a daily basis?  We can help you solve these issues and give your office the upper hand.  We focus on building workflows and automatons that ensure every piece of communication is tagged and documented between your staff and your customers.  As a manager, stop guessing what happened at a particular job.  Take control of the customer communication in your office and your field staff.

This doesn't just apply to phone and walk-in traffic.  You need to account for texting, web chat, web forms, real-time online scheduling, Facebook and Twitter direct messaging, blog post comments, social media post comments, and whatever new platform your customers will be interacting on in the future.  Everything needs to be documented if you want to provide the best customer service.  Let us show you how.   



Paperless and Remote Operation

The internet allows your field service business to operate in the cloud.  This means running your business from any location with high-speed internet access.  To offer the best options to your customers, an appliance repair company needs to dispatch their field staff directly from their own homes.  Maximize their routing and allow them to cover territory that would be impossible if they were required to return to the home office everyday.  

This includes your office staff.  One of the best perks to give an employee is the option to work from home.  We can help you make this a reality for yourself and your team.  Better morale and productivity is what you can expect when implementing a remote operation for your office and field staff.  Don't worry though, we tailor our consultation to your needs and goals so just reach out and we will do what we can to help you grow!

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Technician Recruitment and Training

The number one issue in appliance repair is the lack of qualified field service technicians working in the industry today.  We want to help every company grow their staff and we have recruitment methods to help discover hungry candidates for starting a new career in appliance repair.  Waiting around for a qualified technician to walk through your door is a passive way to address your problem.  Take an aggressive approach and increase your odds of finding new hires!

When it comes to getting new recruits up to speed on the basic fundamentals, we recommend Fred's Appliance Academy for hands-on appliance repair training.  We are a little bias, of course, but Fluid Services would not exist if it wasn't for the support of the Academy and their team's desire to grow the industry.  

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Marketing - Branding - Reputation

How can you keep old customers coming back to you?  How do you earn new customers?  Should you invest in paid advertising or start building your audience organically?  These questions can cripple a company but many outright ignore these issues.  When working with referral services, whether HomeAdvisor or an appliance manufacturer, you need to ensure your customers remember who you are.  Good printed marketing material will leave a lasting impression along with a dynamic website built for any screen size.  Your truck and website are your storefront in appliance repair.  Let us show you how to make the most of each job to build a long term customer base.  



Digital and Printed Design Services

Remembering a person's name can be a challenge if you meet new people everyday.  With so many distractions in our customer's daily lives, we need to make sure your company stands out in a professional way.  We want to exceed their expectations in every aspect of the repair experience and this includes making sure you have a recognizable company brand.  We can help you create a captive company logo along with designing other marketing materials from door hangers, Leave Behind Cards, truck skins, company magnets and cards, leak detector mats, recruitment flyers, and more.  

We also provide a full website hosting and design service.  We know how to build captivating websites that tailor to any screen size while also integrating the latest social media and marketing tools.  Let's help you understand how your website traffic is operating and put design methods into practice to encourage customers to not only visit your website, but to reach out for service.  We also integrate various business management software that allow for online scheduling and technician tracking.  

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Marketing and Social Media

Stop sitting on the sidelines while lead services like HomeAdvisor dictate whether and customer finds you online or not.  Google and Bing want to provide the best answers to any question.  We want your company to start being part of the online conversation.  Whether it's helping a DIY customer, providing a tasty cooking recipe, or sharing events happening your service territory, our staff will put your company in the online conversation. 

Appliance repair is a spontaneous need, our customers are usually never thrilled to call for a repair service.  We need to make sure that they think of you first when an appliance issue comes up without having to ask someone or a search engine for a recommendation.  If they do go to a search engine, we will help your website get found throughout your service territory, whether its using short-term Paid-Per-Click strategies or long-term blogging  and content generation.  Let us help you grow your company's presence online.  

Email marketing is also a strong way to interact with your customers.  This includes newletters and promotions but also leveraging social media to help communicate with your email list.  Let's keep your brand in front of your customers as often as possible to ensure they call you first when an appliance breaks.  

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