Appliance Repair Marketing & Consulting

Working since the 1990s in the appliance industry, the co-founders of Fluid Services strive to provide a stellar appliance repair service experience with every customer. To accomplish this, a field service company must be willing to document and follow up with every aspect of the customer's repair experience. From following through on part orders to requesting customer reviews after every completed job, grow your business by making life easier for your staff and customers.

Our Experience


Founded in 1996, Fred's Appliance provides appliance repair service through Northeast Ohio and the greater Cleveland area. Fred's Appliance is OUR service company where we can implement and test new ideas that we roll out to the rest of the repair industry as we care about the same results that any other manager or owner has.

Today, Fred's Appliance averages 20,000 service calls a year with each technician expected to run 10 jobs per day.  The entire field team averages between 70-75% on completing the repair in one trip.  Half of our volume is referral work covering manufacturer warranties and extended insurance plans so it's crucial to bill out our claims fast and accurately which has led to our accounts receivable claims to be less then 15 days old.

All of this is done with a field staff that had zero prior experience.  Every single technician on our staff learned appliance repair from scratch.

All of this is done with zero part warehouses.  Why stock parts when there are a dozen part distributors that can ship you the part on demand?

All of this is done with zero call centers.  The enter Fred's staff works from their homes which improves our company morale, our productivity, and it makes it easier to recruit top tier talent as working remote is an in-demand job perk.

This is not a theory or projection of what could be possible.  It's already happening and we're here to help and share what we have learned with you.

Appliance Repair Marketing

Growing a field service business takes time and we can help you along the way as we roll out the same digital strategy which has led to over 500+ leads per month coming through the Fred's Appliance website.  To acheive this, we focus on long term strategies to grow your brand but we didn't forget about those with an immediate need for more repair work.

One thing we discovered while running our own service operation is that you don't need a marketing company to help you get immediate repair work.  There are tons of referral services looking for service companies to take on their repair leads.  Save your marketing budget for long term growth or for hiring and training more field staff.

Fluid Services has assembled a go-to list below with the best contact info for each company that has repair work to offer. 
It's a FREE resource, we hope it helps!

Fluid Marketing

So what can Fluid do to help your appliance repair marketing?
We are always open to talking shop and explore tailoring a strategy unique to your operation but we see most companies fall into 2 categories.

Your Way with Fluid Local

Want to manage and maintain your own Wordpress website?  Want to work with other marketing companies but still get the perks of working with Fluid?  Sounds good to us.  You do you.

We designed our Fluid Local app to work on any Wordpress website.  Why Wordpress?  It's open source so you own the code which is huge, as it allows you to be in control.

Fluid Local will help your business generate dynamic local content to build your brand and increase your exposure online.  It also helps manage and hopefully improve your company's reputation online.

Fred's Way with Fluid Local

Not interested in going through the trial and error process of building and maintaining an engaging website?  Would you prefer a specific process that's proven to work?  Sounds good to us, we'll set you up with a website that is designed to capture engagements from appliance repair customers.

We host and manage the entire website as we look to replicate the same process that has led Fred's Appliance to average over 500+ leads per month from their website and averaging over 70,000 visitors per month.  You will get access to our one-of-a-kind scheduler designed for appliance repair service.

We can also help build your online authority on a nationwide scale (which helps you show up in Google search) by creating unique appliance repair content for your website that will drive value to customers visiting your website with the hopes of getting them to return as paying customers in the near future.

Appliance Repair Operations

Fluid is ready to help any field service company problem solve any challenge related to running an appliance repair company.  In some cases, it's just a short conversation by phone or video to solve the issue you having or if it's a major challenge, we can explore a custom built solution for your business.

We currently do NOT charge an hourly rate to consult by phone, we want to help raise the bar of service in our industry and see more companies operating like Fred's which means higher margins, high survey scores, and happier employees.  All of which are necessary building blocks, if you want to grow your business in a healthy and sustainable way.

Administrative & Support Consulting

Our techniques and workflows are focused on placing your technicians on the path of least resistance.  Empower your office staff with the best support methods we have developed to drive productivity.  An appliance repair technician needs to focus on fixing appliances.  We believe that a productive service operation will do everything possible to put their service technicians in a position to succeed.  

Whether you are just starting out or have over 20 technicians in the field, we can help you solve administrative issues plaguing your company and hampering your productivity.  As a complimentary service, we provide various resources at the link below.  We wanted to make it easy to find various platforms and products that we recommend.  

Customer Communication Management

Do you feel as if you can never get ahead of your customers?  Tired of responding to fires on a daily basis?  We can help you solve these issues and give your office the upper hand.  We focus on building workflows and automatons that ensure every piece of communication is tagged and documented between your staff and your customers.  As a manager, stop guessing what happened at a particular job.  Take control of the customer communication in your office and your field staff.

This doesn't just apply to phone and walk-in traffic.  You need to account for texting, web chat, web forms, real-time online scheduling, Facebook and Twitter direct messaging, blog post comments, social media post comments, and whatever new platform your customers will be interacting on in the future.  Everything needs to be documented if you want to provide the best customer service.  Let us show you how.   


Paperless and Remote Operation

The internet allows your field service business to operate in the cloud.  This means running your business from any location with high-speed internet access.  To offer the best options to your customers, an appliance repair company needs to dispatch their field staff directly from their own homes.  Maximize their routing and allow them to cover territory that would be impossible if they were required to return to the home office everyday.  

This includes your office staff.  One of the best perks to give an employee is the option to work from home.  We can help you make this a reality for yourself and your team.  Better morale and productivity is what you can expect when implementing a remote operation for your office and field staff.  Don't worry though, we tailor our consultation to your needs and goals so just reach out and we will do what we can to help you grow!

Technician Recruitment and Training

The number one issue in appliance repair is the lack of qualified field service technicians working in the industry today.  We want to help every company grow their staff and we have recruitment methods to help discover hungry candidates for starting a new career in appliance repair.  Waiting around for a qualified technician to walk through your door is a passive way to address your problem.  Take an aggressive approach and increase your odds of finding new hires!

When it comes to getting new recruits up to speed on the basic fundamentals, we recommend Fred's Appliance Academy for hands-on appliance repair training.  We are a little bias, of course, but Fluid Services would not exist if it wasn't for the support of the Academy and their team's desire to grow the industry.  

Learn MoreAbout Fred's Academy