How To Set Up Google Local Services Ads for Appliance Repair Companies

February 13, 2024
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If you’ve spent some time browsing on Google, you may have noticed relevant Local Services ads (LSA) at the top of the search results. These ads contain information like the name of the company, ratings, opening hours, contact details, and more—and can help appliance repair companies connect with potential leads searching for specific appliance repair help in their area. 

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of these ads for your appliance repair company, how to set them up, and some tips and tricks to improve the process. 

The benefits of Google Local Services Ads for appliance repair companies 

  • Get the opportunity to appear at the top of Google search results in the specific LSA section. 
  • Connect with potential leads who are already searching for the services your appliance repair company provides. 
  • Build company transparency and credibility. 
  • Increase your company’s visibility online.  
  • Personalize your ads with easy-to-use tools. 

Keep in mind you don’t need an ad agency to handle this process. Google has made it super easy to setup and manage. If you can handle a Gmail account, you can handle setting up your own LSAs, so don’t make these leads anymore expensive then they have to be. Most of the info needed are questions only a business owner/manager can answer.

How to set up Google Local Services Ads: 6 Steps 

Before we go into how to set up these ads, here’s a short recap of how they work. When potential customers view your ad, they can click on it to give you a call, send a message request, or directly make a booking. 

On your end, you’ll receive a notification from the Google LSA mobile app and separate email once someone reaches out. This allows you to respond and potentially convert the lead into a customer. 

1. Verify your eligibility 

It’s easy to verify if you’re eligible for Google LSA. Simply visit Google Local Services Ads and enter your state, ZIP code, and job category. Appliance repair companies are almost always approved, but it’s good to double check anyway. 

2. Create your Google Local Services Ads account

Now you have the opportunity to fill out important details about your business and other contact information. For a better chance at being approved and to prove your business legitimacy, add as much information as you can. 

3. Adjust your specific service area

You then adjust your specific service area by the city where your business is located, or the ZIP code. Doing so means your ads will only be shown to people you can actually provide your services to. You can also add a physical business address if you have one, which also improves your legitimacy. 

4. Choose the services your appliance repair company provides 

Selecting the services your company offers is important to getting the right quality leads. While it may be tempting to select all, doing so will backfire, as Google will undergo a background check before approval—plus, you’ll only be misleading your customers!

On this page, Google will provide a list of the common business services for appliance repair companies, including repair for washers, cooktops, refrigerators, and so on. Be specific and only select the services you are able to carry out.

If you only work on certain appliance brands, you won’t be able to filter those results. LSAs only filters by product type when it comes to choosing your services. Being picky on brands can definitely contribute to a lot of wasted money when advertising in general.

5. Add your business availability 

Since appliance repair has to be done in-person, adding the days and hours of operation is crucial. On this page, you select when you’re open and available by clicking the toggle switch beside each day listed. Once the day has been selected as “open,” you’ll then choose your opening and closing time within the drop-down menu. 

These ads will trigger communication from customers to your business phone by either calls or SMS, so try and run these only when you have someone available to respond.

6. Preview and submit your ad

The final step before your ad goes live is previewing the appearance of your listing. You will be shown the exact version of what your ad will look like to potential customers, so double check that all the relevant information is correct and up-to-date before you submit it for verification. 

Google will then look into your business credentials, and potentially request any relevant documentation (licenses, certifications, insurance) to prove that you offer those services. Once you’ve been notified that your business has been approved, you’re good to go. As an appliance repair company, you will have a “Google Guaranteed” label, which can give customers extra peace of mind. 

Bonus step: Adjust your ad budget and monitor its performance 

After you’ve submitted your Google LSA, the process is not done just yet! You can control your ad budget—and this can be adjusted at any time if you’re not getting the desired results. There are numerous ad calculator tools that can help you calculate how much is required to spend per month to hit your goals, including one created by Google. 

You’ll submit your budget, and once your LSA is up and running you can monitor various factors, like the local service area, ad content, or the services listed as your company grows. This is also a great time to utilize search engine optimization best practices to optimize your performance and improve ad visibility. 

Only run ads likes this when you have same day/next day availability otherwise folks might bounce and shop around for a sooner appointment and you are still going to pay the lead cost.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does it cost to set up Google LSA? 

Because you pay for each lead you get from Google, costs can vary. You can check out Google’s handy cost tool for an estimate—as it can depend on your location and competitors. A rough estimate is around $30.00 per lead.   

How can I improve my Google LSA performance? 

There are several ways you can improve your ranking. If someone reaches out after seeing your ads, you should always respond in a timely manner—even if you can’t offer your service. Regularly ignoring requests or calls can affect your ranking. 

Also, prioritize your reviews. If you have a lot of existing customers that don’t mind leaving a great review for your appliance repair business, collect as many as you can. And if possible, leave a reply to each review to thank them (or offer support and assistance in response to a less than ideal review).

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