An initial start-up fee of $499 required for each package

More pricing options coming soon! We are working on new client platforms to add to the services we offer!

Starter Package


Per Month
  • Website Setup
  • Website Hosting(hosting fees included)
  • SSL Certification
  • Weekly Backups
  • Domain Registration(domain fees not included)
  • Web Design that Fits Any Screen size including Mobile
  • Designed Marketing Material(Printing fees not included)
  • Google Apps for Business Setup and Integration(Google fees not included)
  • Configure Website for SEO
  • Configure Google and Bing to recognize your website
  • Create & Configure Company Social Media Sites
  • Provide a monthly analysis of keyword ranking for up to 3 different zip codes
  • Provide a monthly analysis of citation listings on +50 online directories like Yelp
  • Provide a monthly analysis of customer reviews across +15 review sites
  • Provide a monthly analysis of website statistics and traffic
  • Compare keyword rankings with other competitors in your market

By signing up for our marketing services, you understand and agree to our Terms of Service

Features FAQ

For a service company it will include the following:

  • Designing a layout to match company branding
  • Service Area or Territory Covered
  • What your company services
  • Customer Reviews
  • Create a Company blog
  • Ensure that your website will work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Business Management Software Integration if available (example: ServiceDesk)
We will design the following:

  • Leave Behind Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Business Magnets
  • Business Stickers
  • Business Door Hangers
  • All Designs can be reviewed once per year
Includes 3 GB SSD cloud storage and your site will handle up to 45,000 monthly visitors.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To put it simply, it’s the process of ensuring your website is properly labeled and viewed by the 2 major search engines, Google and Bing. Then we review keyword rankings and offer consultation on ways to improve the rankings.
Absolutely, simply sign up for the Starter Package and we will reach out to figure out your goals for printed material. Based on the scope of your needs, we will be able to give you a more accurate idea on how long it will take to finish your projects.
Yes, but our current packages do NOT cover E-commerce site building and maintaining. We would be happy to discuss your situation in greater detail and determine our overall cost to set up and maintain your e-commerce website. Contact us for an individualized quote.
Unfortunately, no. Due to the difference in quality of the materials used along with the quantity of material desired by each client, it makes it very difficult for us to figure out a generalized price. We will be happy to order your marketing material but printing cost will be the client’s responsibility.

Process FAQ

Absolutely not! We understand circumstances change and you may decide to handle your marketing services in-house or use a different company. No problem! You can cancel at anytime and you can take over where we left off.
Depends on the scope of work and what features you want us to prioritize. Average time to set up a new website is 8 weeks but once you sign up for any package, one of our team members will reach out to learn more about your company goals and can give you a better estimate.
The internet does not stand still. It constantly evolves as large scale web companies like Google continue to make changes and improvements. These improvements can shut down a site if it is not being properly updated and maintained. Only a few years ago, smartphones were considered an over priced fad but now over half of the internet traffic is smartphone/tablet based. A customer will quickly leave a site due to frustration with an antiquated design. We can ensure you stay current with an ever-changing internet.
Absolutely. Keep in mind, you will be responsible for your website and SEO services once you have canceled our services along with any monthly charges for maintaining your hosting, SSL, and domain services. We handle the domain, hosting charges when you are signed up as our client.
Once we have discussed your company goals and priorities, we will send you a Timeline with expected delivery of each service for the first 3 months of service. If you have signed up for SEO services, we will provide monthly reports and analysis based on our recommended parameters and anything specific you want to cover that month. These reports will cover keyword searches based on popularity and location. This will help you to determine where your internet traffic is coming from and how to improve it.
Each package has an initial start-up fee of $499 and than after 1 month has gone by, your subscription service will be automatically billed to the credit card you used to sign up. This will continue indefinitely as we continue to improve your marketing based on the package you have selected. Websites are always being improved and updated due to server and coding updates and new features available by larger web platforms like Amazon and Google.
We are currently sending out various stats one a month to our clients. We are working on a client portal to allow our clients to log in at anytime to review website stats and analytics. More info to come soon!

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