New Scheduling Request for Appliance Repair

May 21, 2021
Appliance Repair

Leads, leads, and more leads. For the average field service company, the focus is always on filling up your routes with new jobs. A website is crucial for capturing leads as it can engage your customers 24/7 without your support team being available. It's always helpful to have a human ready to assist but some customers prefer otherwise.

At Fluid, our goal is to make a website simple and easy to engage with but there's no reason we can't try and capture more information on a specific repair request that a customer is reaching out about. We're excited to announce a number of upgrades to our scheduling request process on Fluid managed websites.

Below we will list the recent updates and changes, but keep in mind that these forms are completely customizable upon request.

Model and Serial Number Location


When a customer is looking for appliance repair service, a key variable to provide the best and fastest service is knowing the brand and model number. Fluid makes it easy by providing a library of different brands and appliance types to help customers locate and provide their model and serial number for their product.

The database will continue to be updated over time but we already feature options for brands like Whirlpool, Electrolux, GE, LG, Samsung, Viking, Bosch, Haier, Kenmore, Speed Queen, Dacor, Avanti, Blomberg, Smeg, Summit, Ikea, and more!

The different appliance types we include are refrigerators, freezers, ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, garbage disposals, window a/c, ice machines, trash compactors, and more!

Common Customer Complaints


Referencing 20+ years of appliance repair jobs at Fred's Appliance, while also leaning on the Fred's Appliance Academy network, we assembled the most common customer complaints in appliance repair for customers to select from when scheduling appliance repair.

How often do you get the amazing details of "Not working" when a customer sends a message to your business?  While we deal with appliance repair on a daily basis, customers don't realize how helpful the extra information is in ensuring we can get them scheduled as soon as possible while also helping us avoid extra trips to their home.

Make it easy by providing a short list of the most common.  This helps you measure your engagements while also getting more accurate information from the customer.  A customer can always provide more context and information in the comment section.

Address Autocomplete By Google Maps


Any street address that is entered will be automatically prompted to select an address found on Google Maps.  This helps the customer fill out your forms faster, while also ensuring your team gets the most accurate info.

We also now show a map of the location to further ensure with the customer that they are sending our technicians to the right place.

Google Maps API does charge for every address that is queried to their database but Fluid Services handles these costs for any websites we manage.

Confirmation by Text - Powered by Textline


If your company is utilizing Textline for business texting, you can make the experience more personal for customers who want to communicate by Text.  When a customer submits this schedule request and selects communication by Text, the customer will receive a confirmation by text based on the phone number provided.

This happens 24/7 so even afterhours, customers know that they are dealing with a modern company ready to communicate by any channel.

Just Asking a Question


We definitely don't want to force a customer to only communicate through the scheduling request, as many customers just have one question they want to ask.  Or maybe they already have service scheduled and want to follow up with a different question?  Either way, we ensure that customers can still bypass the longer schedule request form.

The last thing you want to have happen is for customers to get frustrated so having an easy way to still engage with your team is just as crucial.

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