Appliance Business Resources

These links are for company owners and service managers for appliance repair operations.
These are various tools we recommend that can help you run a more efficient repair company.

Appliance Repair Management and Dispatch Software

Rossware ServiceDesk

Dispatch Me

CDA Software

Point of Sale and E-Commerce Software


Operations and CRM



Appliance Parts Pricing


Online blue book for flat rate pricing for appliance repair

Appliance Repair Training

Fred's Appliance Academy

Hands-on training in fast-paced courses.  Covers the basic fundamentals to get someone started in appliance repair.

Master Samurai Tech

Online training that covers the basic fundamentals to get someone started with appliance repair.  Also covers more advanced topics.  

Technical Support

Appliance Age

A free resource to help you determine the age of an appliance.

Kenmore Prefix

Determine what appliance manufacturer built the Kenmore appliance.  

Human Resources


Time tracking software.  Help manage payroll.

Technician Aptitude Tests

Free aptitude tests to use when screening new appliance repair technician applicants.

Bamboo HR

Financial Management

Quickbooks Online

Accounting Software


Expense Reports


Remote Deposits for technicians to accept checks 


Start accepting credit cards and offer 6 month financing option 

Legal and Insurance

Legal Zoom

Business Formation like an LLC along with intellectual property protection.

Truck Management


Fleet fuel cards


Fleet Management Software.  Track repairs, fuel efficiency, and more!


GPS Tracking software for your trucks

Marketing Tools

Fluid Local

Share your company's story online and build your search engine presence organically while also improving your company's online reputation.

Fluid Stats

Measure all of the important metrics when it comes to your marketing and web presence.  How many reviews did you get last week?  Is your business listed online correctly?  How many conversions did your pay-per-click campaign receive?  Compare between social media, web analytics, email campaigns, and more!

Dishwasher Soap Samples

Simply register and make a request for boxes of samples that you can hand out to every customer.  

Phone Management


For Voip references, please contact us for more information.


Offer SMS texting services for your customer. Easily ties to your primary business number. Works with many CRMs thanks to a powerful API.


Easy way to accept and send faxes online

Just Press One

Need office/phone support?  Just Press One can help support your field service regardless of company size. 


Email and Password Management


Manage your passwords and make it easy to share logins and passwords with your staff.  

G Suite

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive and Chat and more.  Share resources with your team.  Maintain better structure.