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In any business, your online reputation is important, but in appliance repair, it's critical to manage this on a daily basis.  Working with Fluid Services, we can help improve your reputation while also keeping track of 15 different third party review sites.  

It's important to track and generate third party reviews, but it's also important that your business is the one generating the survey.  Using our dynamic platform, Fluid LOCAL, we can help your company generate more positive reviews while also improving your visibility to your customers.  With our metrics driven platform, Fluid STATS, your company will be able to track nearly every review taking place about your business on the internet. 

Take control of your company's reputation today.  

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The purpose of Fluid LOCAL is to help local businesses create more rich local content that drives leads across areas they service while also generating new review opportunities to share with potential customers.  

Fluid LOCAL, part of our SEO Organic Growth service, will help you earn more positive reviews to show on your website.  These reviews will help educate search engines and new customers on the cities you provide services in.  It will also help earn more reviews with Facebook and Google.  

Requesting Reviews by Text or Email

When checking-in using Fluid LOCAL, you have the opportunity to send out a text or email with a review request. Each review request is short and simple to fill out and provides critical feedback that can shared to your staff, customers, and the internet. We also rotate Fluid LOCAL surveys with Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews based on variables that indicate the best chance that a customer will respond.  

These review requests can be initiated from your support staff at the office or by your technician through our Fluid LOCAL app.  We also offer a rest API solution to directly integrate with many different types of business management and dispatch software. 

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Email Notifications of Completed Reviews

When a review is completed, an email notification is sent out to the technician responsible to keep the tech informed of his or her performance.  Management will also receive the same notification.  While address negative reviews is very important, it's always nice to hear the good feedback from your customers.  Keep the morale up in your organization by sharing bad AND good customer feedback.  

Using Fluid LOCAL, this process will be automatic and any user can customize what notifications they would like to receive.  

How Does Fluid LOCAL Work?

Reviews Posted to your Website

Take pride in your positive feedback as Fluid LOCAL automatically posts these completed reviews in real-time to your website for other customers to see.  Similar to how our team can integrate Facebook, Google, Yelp reviews to populate on your website.  

With Fluid LOCAL, we take it one step further and sort the reviews by the city's of your customers.  The location is generalized to protect the customer's privacy.  So now, a customer can see the feedback of customers in their own town.  Our team will also setup an employee page showing their exclusive completed reviews.  Let your customers and Google know that your team is the best in the area.

Nothing beats local feedback so set the standard in your market by signing up today!

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Facebook Business Integration

Why stop at posting these reviews on your website?  Share the feedback on the most popular social platform in the world.  Allow our team to integrate your Facebook business page with Fluid LOCAL.  

This will NOT replace the reviews powered by Facebook, it does provide a 2nd opinion while also importing the LOCAL reviews based on the city they originated in.  

If you work in field service, like appliance repair, Facebook will only associate your company where your office is located.  Share your whole network with your Facebook audience today using Fluid LOCAL.  

How Does Fluid LOCAL Work?

Rich Snippets and Schema for Google

Filtering the reviews by city allows your website to be more recognizable to Google.  We use the proper schema methods to ensure Google can learn about your growing service territory.  

The more you post, the more likely you will show up organically as an option for your customers.  The reviews that show up for a city landing page, like the Kent, Ohio one shown here, pop more thanks to the review data tied to this city showing up.  In this case, 11 reviews for a 4.5 star average.  

The real question is this:  If you are the consumer, which of the three results pictured would you pick? 

Don't let lead services control your territory, take it back today!

Fluid LOCAL Features


Leader Boards and Metrics

Use Fluid LOCAL to motivate your staff with monthly competitions.  Our leader boards will keep your staff aware of their current standing among the best in your company.  

The powerful reporting provided by Fluid LOCAL allows you to view your customers' habits and look for larger trends in your company's workflows.  You will be able to easily respond to any review along with your response automatically being posted to your website.  Show new customers you are actively engaging your current and former customers.  

Do not just say you take care of your customers, show it.  

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The purpose of Fluid STATS is to put all the marketing metrics that matter most to a business owner in one place. Making it easier to make decisions when it comes to your marketing budget while also being able to measure the performance of your various campaigns. 

Fluid STATS, part of our Design and STATS service, will help monitor your company's online reputation ensuring you take care of every customer.  


Monitor your Reputation

With Fluid STATS, you will receive weekly reports breaking down your company's reviews for that week from popular third-party websites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Yellow Pages, and more!

Our reports will allow you to quickly view each review along with ensuring that every review has been addressed from the previous week.  A great auditing tool to ensure no customer is left behind.   

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Visualize growth in reviews and star ratings, and manage your online reputation with ease

Our weekly reports come with interactive charts that let you monitor your review growth and star ratings over time. We track each review site independently but also aggregate your online reviews a ratings to produce an average score.

Can you guess based on this graph when this client started using Fluid LOCAL?  

How Does Fluid LOCAL Work?



See reviews grouped by star rating and swiftly manage your negative reviews

We aggregate reviews across all sites and group them by star rating. This makes it easy to see all your negative reviews so you can quickly reply or get them removed.

What can be really scary is that you may have negative reviews that have been sitting on these sites for years without a response.  New customers will make negative assumptions about your company if you do not respond to negative reviews.  

Stop a few customers from writing the narrative about your online reputation.  Take control with Fluid STATS.  

Fluid STATS Features