Top 5 Ways to Use AdWords to Promote Appliance Repair

January 6, 2017
Marketing Tips

Promoting your appliance repair business, particularly if you are just entering the business or your geographic area, can be difficult. Most homeowners tend to have established repair professionals to whom they turn when an appliance breaks. And even if they don’t; finding the moment when they need your services can be difficult.

Fortunately, it’s far from impossible. An increasing majority of potential customers turn to Google to find repair services in your area. And when they do, your business can be right there, informing them about your reliability and quality of service. Here are the top 5 ways you can use AdWords to promote your appliance repair business.

1) Focus on the Right Keywords

First, you have to understand exactly what types of words and phrases your audience actually searches for when they’re in need of appliance repair. Keyword research is a crucial part of AdWords; your only targeting mechanisms will be these search terms, so if you don’t find the right ones, you may not reach a relevant audience.

Fortunately, AdWords has an integrated tool that can help you. Through its Keyword planner, you can find words and phrases that are relevant to your business. Simply type in a phrase like ‘appliance repair’, and the tool will give you a number of related phrases along with their monthly search volume and competitiveness. The more competitive a keyword, the more you’ll have to pay to place a Google ad for it.

2) Embrace Local Search Habits

Your audience won’t search for appliance repair companies that are not applicable to them geographically. So most keywords they’ll use, and the services they’ll be interested in, will revolve around their location.

Your job is to take advantage of these geographical restrictions with a localized AdWords strategy. Find keywords such as ‘appliance repair in [your city]’ or ‘dishwasher repair in [your state]’ that meet the above criteria. Then, use your local advantage in the next step:

3) Find the Right Message

As you can probably imagine, keyword research is only a small part of your AdWords efforts. In addition, you’ll also need to come up with an effective ad that actually convinces your potential clients to learn more about your business and how it can help them.

Google search ads are text-based, which means that your message cannot include an image. Following these character limit restrictions, come up with text that speaks to your location, quality of service, and reliability.

4) Set Your Budget

AdWords can be created to help you promote and grow audience awareness of your business. But if you’re not careful, it can quickly become expensive. Given that you probably have a limited budget, make sure that AdWords knows where its restrictions are.

Through the platform’s budget tool, you cannot only set bids (based on the suggested bids above), but also a maximum daily and monthly amount you’re willing and able to spend. That way, you can make sure that no matter what happens, you won’t go over.

5) Adjust Over Time

Finally, take advantage of AdWords flexibility. Text and search ads are never set in stone, allowing for adjustments on a regular basis. Through the platform’s reporting capabilities, you can easily learn which ads perform well, which keywords are expensive, and so on.

Use these insights to improve your strategy over time. Replace expensive keywords with new ones, and focus on the ads that have proven to attract the most audience attention. That way, you can make sure that AdWords helps you effectively reach potential new clients on an ongoing basis.

Given how difficult it can be to promote your appliance repair business, AdWords can and should play a major role in helping you build a digital marketing strategy. If you set your ads and campaigns up just right, you can reach potential clients the moment they’re looking for and need services like yours. To learn more about the platform, and marketing your appliance repair business in general, contact us.

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