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SEO Rankings

Fluid STATS provides an accurate rank tracker that updates daily.  Ensure that you are being found by your customers whether they are using Bing or Google search engines.  

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SEO Rank Tracker

All-in-One Rank Tracker

Monitor your website's SEO performance with our search rank tracker tool.  Clean and simple charts allow you to analyse the data and make smart strategic decisions.

Most Accurate Ranking Tool

Fluid STATS emulates a real user in any location and searches the top 100 results to give you pinpoint accurate rankings.

Local and Global Rank Tracking

Track rankings in the area of your territory. Whether you’re doing a global campaign, country-level campaign or a city-level campaign for a local business.

Cloud Based Technology

You don’t need to download software or buy expensive proxies. We're a complete online rank tracker: never worry about getting your IP blocked from Google.


Refreshed Daily

We understand the need for complete accuracy which is why our online rank tracking software is updated daily. 

Google Maps Ranking

Track Google My Business listings on Google Maps and the coveted “3 pack”. We separate these local rankings from organic to give you a better view of your rankings. Our algorithm accurately tracks the top 25 listings.


Search Engine Coverage

Support for Google and Bing with their localized versions. We deliver results for the search engines that matter to get the whole picture of the rankings. 

Backlink Monitor

Fluid STATS provides an accurate backlink monitor to allow complete transparency on who is linking to your company's website.  Track your domain authority with confidence.  

Fluid STATS Features

Search Engine Coverage

Essential SEO Tool

Fluid STATS pulls data from Majestic at no extra cost to give you a detailed backlink profile on your website. You can see what websites link to it, the strength of the backlinks, the anchor text, and more.

Take a Deep Dive

View an extensive list of backlinks grouped by domain, anchor text and URL for your company's website. See the Alexa Rank and inbound links for each domain to find the juiciest links.

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Web Analytics

Fluid STATS provides accurate website traffic analytics thanks to us integrating directly with Google Analytics.  


Simple Metrics

Fluid STATS takes the complexity of Google Analytics and makes it simple from a management perspective.  Track your growing audience from multiple channels like organic search and social media.  

Track your goal completions in one spot to measure the most important impacts to your every day business like online scheduling and form submission.  Track what pages and blog posts are the most popular on your website.  

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