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June 21, 2016
Marketing Tips

We are excited to begin offering marketing services for businesses in the appliance industry.  After spending time training 700+ students across the country, we learned that there is a lack of proper marketing practices in our industry nationwide.  One of our instructors felt like he could spend enough time helping service businesses grow while also spending time training new technicians for the appliance market.

Once we felt confident in a pricing structure and we determined what services we could offer, we got to work.  For the last month, we have had a “soft” launch.  We reached out to business associates we knew that were interested in upgrading their websites and have already begun working on a number of websites.  We are excited to continue to help our industry grow and prosper by making an honest living while also taking credit for every service they provide to their customers.

Using Fred’s Appliance Service as a testing ground for new ideas, we can nearly eliminate a lot of the mistakes and wasted money that comes with many other marketing programs that use their clients as a test subjects to determine the best strategies.  We can’t eliminate the risk entirely, but we will do our best to shield our clients from as much risk as possible so they can have drone-like precision when spending their marketing budget.

Our marketing services are broken down into three different packages based on a client’s overall goal.

If you are just starting out or have never really invested in marketing for your business, we would suggest the Starter Package.  This service provides website design and hosting along with design services for company logos and printed material.  We can even help you facilitate the printing of your marketing material.  We will continue to monitor and maintain your website as you continue as our client along with adding new features as you continue to grow.  We will also help you get setup with a proper email client like to manage your business like Google Apps for Work.

For those that already have a website and are looking for an upgrade or want to be found, we recommend the Core Package.  This includes everything mentioned with the Starter package and we will work to improve your SEO presence along with social media optimization.  This includes adding specialized code to each webpage to begin tracking and analyzing your websites traffic among building your presence on other websites and directories to help your customers find you when they need you.  There is so much involved with SEO that we urge you to checkout our breakdown.  On a monthly basis, we will provide reports on your website rankings based on common keywords, an analysis of every customer review conducted that month, an analysis of 50 online directories and search engines to determine how your business is being presented to your customers, and finally an analysis of your websites traffic and demographics.

Ok, so say you are already receiving those reports or you have begun to receive those reports from us.  Now, what?  Simple, its time to create content and make corrections throughout the internet.  We can help your business accomplish this by choosing our Complete Package.  This service includes everything in the Starter and Core packages, but now we are going to write and post a unique blog post to your website once a week.  We will also establish or fix your business listings on 5 different directories once per month.   These directories include services like Yelp and Yellowpages.  What we post about is determined by what we see in your analytics that we will provide once a month.  This is how we can make the best use of your content and give you a drone-like precision to this process.

There are still many other services we can help your business with.  Interested in setting up email marketing?  We can absolutely help!  We do not cover this service specifically in our packages but it is something that we can help with.   What about eCommerce?  Depending on the scope of your business plan, we definitely can help your business set-up a great online store.  Like email marketing, this is going to be handled as a case-by-case basis.

Questions?  Let us know!  We want to help your business to the next level!

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