What is SEO and why should your business care?

Even if you have the most cutting-edge website built, you need to ensure customers can find it. SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, is required to make sure that you are an option when a customer goes to the web for appliance repair help.

Website Optimization

Adding code to each webpage to ensure that the search engine “bots” can properly identify the webpage and understand the keywords you want it to reference. It can be the best designed website, but if it’s not optimized, search engines will never know you exist.

Keyword Research

A big part of a marketer’s time is researching proper keywords that are used in search engines. One HUGE advantage we have is that we have been working in the appliance industry for many years, both service and sales. We have already identified many of the trending keywords and will tailor our experience to work with your territory.

Link Building

Being connected to search engines is crucial but we also want other websites to connect with your website. The more connected your website is to the internet, the more activity you will generate which leads to higher rankings on search engines.

Sitemap Optimization

A sitemap is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. We will ensure that your sitemap is optimized for Bing and Google search engines along with monthly corrections of any routing errors that can occur as your site content continues to grow.

Software Development

Sometimes a change in the way your website is built or hosted is required to improve your SEO. We may optimize your website correctly in 2016, but come 2017, Google changes the way their “bots” crawl your site and it will require a change. It’s hard to predict these issues due to us not having access to Google and Bing’s future changes, but we will strive to keep your business in front of these changes.

Web Design

Like software development, web design can affect SEO. Search engine “bots” are getting smarter everyday and are judging websites on how they appear when they load up on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. Search engines prioritize great customer experiences when they rank websites. As a company, you should always be providing the best customer experience from start to finish.


Customer feedback is SO important. You need to know what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. We will monitor your reviews throughout the internet and give you a monthly report so you can comment or challenge each one while also allowing you to consider policy changes within your company to provide the best customer experience.


So you have these great tools to improve your search engine presence but not sure how to use this information or where to look next? No problem! We are here to help your business grow and we will make recommendations on how to improve your website’s SEO based on the analytics we gather. We can also actively produce content for your website at an additional charge per month.

Social Management

Social media is not just for browsing funny cat pictures, it’s a way to communicate and interact with your customers on a daily basis. We will ensure that your company Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages are optimized and provide education on how to create content for your customers. Or if you are signed up for our Complete Package, we will post unique content once a week.


Blogging = content. Whether it’s discussing a receipt you use on the stove, or a tip for washing clothes. Your website NEEDS unique content to continue to show Search Engines you are important. Content makes it easier to build links with other websites. We can advise you on how to build content yourself or we can build content for you.

Traffic Monitoring

We can add code to each webpage to track who visits your content, what kind of device they are using, and where they are from. This will give you a better understanding of where your service calls are coming from and can focus on how to improve the areas where you are not seeing enough visitors to your webpage. We can also provide reports you can cross-reference with your own customer database to see which areas are turning into paying customers.


And finally we get to the goal line. Even though this is our ultimate goal to improve your website rankings on search engines, how do you know that this has been accomplished? We will provide a monthly analysis of your rankings based on the search results from a specific zip code. Search engines are smart enough to know where you physically are when you search for something, so the results are always unique.


Search engines are always looking for fresh content. How does a service company create new web content? A blog is the answer! A blog will help your SEO ranking and give your customers a new way to explore or find your company.

Don’t have the time? No problem! We can write blog posts for you and post once a week to your company website.


SEO is not just based on search engines exclusively. Search engines use citation websites that act as online phone books. We can help you understand how your business is being represented on 50 of the most popular websites and can even help you improve you listings to ensure that your customers can find you anywhere on the internet.

Don’t assume your customers search for information the same way you do, we will ensure all your bases are covered.