When servicing an appliance, a standard customer receipt is not enough. A Leave Behind Card ensures the customer has the info they need while also having a professional appearance.

Our Leave Behind design will also have a spot for you to attach other marketing materials, like mangets and business cards. Features:

  • Customer Job Status
  • Customer Review Instructions
  • SWAG Board – a place for other marketing material
  • Appliance Safety Checklist
  • Customer Receipt



Stuff We All Get, better known as SWAG, is hard to keep organized while running an appliance repair route, but is very important to ensuring your customer’s know who to call when another issue comes up.

If you do not have any of these items designed, we can help!

  • Business Cards
  • Business Magnets
  • Business Stickers



There are occasions where you arrive at a home and the customer is not there. It happens but you want to make sure you prove to your customer that you did make the trip. A custom door hanger with your information is a simple way to handle it.

Don’t use a generic one that can be easy to miss. We can design you a Door Hanger that will be hard to miss.