How does it work?

Fluid LOCAL enables local businesses to create more rich local content and drive leads across the areas they service. All local businesses can benefit. Field service businesses that work at their customers’ own location drop the checkin pins, and request reviews, at each stop in their work day. Businesses that service customers at central brick-and-mortar locations drop the checkin pins out where their customers come from – and the customer reviews would share those locations.

Field Service

Covers appliance repair, plumbing, electricians, HVAC, landscaping, roofing, remodeling, and more!

Appliance breaks down and customer needs service.  The customer starts looking for quick recommendations online. The customer reads recent online reviews for appliance repair and finds a listing that is highly recommended.

The technician arrives and repairs the problem. Then takes some pictures using the Fluid LOCAL app of his great work and gets the customer’s email address so they can fill out a review.

Fluid LOCAL posts the photo and job summary to the company’s website and will also post the review if the customer chooses to complete it. The customer is likely to complete the review because the invite can occur before the technician even pulls out of the driveway. The tech did a great job, so the customer writes plenty of positive remarks.

Fluid LOCAL analyzes data to identify the service provider, geocode the city and state, identify keywords from the job summary, and create hyper-local dynamic content. During the review process, Fluid LOCAL can also solicit reviews on 3rd-party review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, Yellow Pages and more!

Each city in your service network will have a dedicated page on your website for reviews and checkins pertaining to that city. Prove to search engines like Google and Bing that you service those cities by sharing your story online.

Fluid LOCAL will share positive reviews to your Facebook and Twitter business pages. Checkins that feature pictures can also be integrated. The next customer will then have plenty of local examples of your service and customer feedback making it much easier to earn their business.

Local Landing Page for each City

Get a heat map from your checkin volume in each city along with a list of recent checkins and reviews related to the same city.  This provides potential customers plenty of examples of your work in their neighborhood along with customer feedback.

Each page is also for search engines to reference and your reviews will get added to your search engine result.

There are 100’s of review sites out there that put up a walled garden between a client and their good reviews.  Fluid LOCAL breaks down that wall and helps companies build their online reputation by telling search engines their story via their own website.

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