Use our mobile apps for Fluid LOCAL to extend your company’s local reach and be discovered by customers who urgently need your services..

Advertise Your Real-time Location

The Fluid LOCAL app makes checking-in to job locations simple. ¬†New customers who need your services can see that you’re working nearby, and also that you frequently work in their neighborhood.

Simple Checkin

When viewing the checkin map, the location indicator will give you a visual indication of where the device GPS has located you.  Simple tap the Checkin button and you will be checkedin to that location and that checkin will appear on your website.

Recent Activity

Easy access to your recent checkins and customer review responses. Upon completion of a checkin, or by tapping an existing checkin, you can view the location details. From here you can send an SMS or Email review request to the customer. The customer’s response to the survey shows up on your website.


Reviews are a critical part of your company’s reputation. Fluid LOCAL features a leaderboard for staff to compete to build the strongest reputation for your business.