Lead Tracking

Track ALL Leads. Calls, Forms, SMS, Chats, Transactions, and Offline Sources


Call Tracking

30% to 75% of website visitors use the phone to make contact. Tracking phone calls and the marketing responsible is really easy with Fluid Leads

Tracking Phone Numbers

We love how technology today makes things so easy. Not long ago, purchasing tracking or forwarding numbers was time consuming and offered limited functionality. Today, you can purchase and configure numbers in seconds.

Call Greeting

A Call Greeting is an automated greeting played to the person calling a Fluid Leads tracking number. Typically, the Call Greeting is the message that states if the call is being recorded or monitored.

Call Whisper

Call Whispers are automated messages that are played to the receiving party (person answering the phone) when they answer the phone, before being connected with the caller.

Call Recording

Fluid Leads gives you the ability to control, download and monitor your incoming calls at no additional cost with Call Recording.

Instant Phone Number Setup & Tracking

Setup new call tracking numbers in just a few clicks. The very moment you select a tracking phone number and provide the destination number, you can begin using your new tracking numbers.

Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

For any website, automatically track marketing to a phone call with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI).

HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking

If you or your customers handle ePHI (Electronic Private Health Information), it’s your responsibility to keep the information secure and only provide access to people who are authorized to view ePHI. Fluid Leads offers HIPAA compliant lead tracking for calls, forms, and chats at no additional charge.

Port Your Numbers

Don’t worry about losing your phone numbers; Fluid Leads allows you to port your current phone numbers at no charge. We work with you and your current carrier to make the process as easy as possible.

Automated Spam Blocking

We take spam calls very seriously. Nothing is more frustrating than picking up the phone and having an automated message, telemarketer or just silence. These calls typically are generated from what we call robodialers. Since robo dialers normally spoof the caller ID to make the call look legitimate, it makes blocking these calls difficult.


Form Tracking

Instantly improve your web form tracking. Fluid Leads has been designed to be as simple and easy as possible to track your existing web forms, leads, and reporting.

Instant Form Tracking

Don’t let your leads go stale. Fluid Leads’ Web Form tracking allows you to immediately track and follow-up with Leads that contact you through Web Forms on your website.

Google Analytics Form Tracking

Use Fluid Leads for easy Form Tracking in Google Analytics, with the added benefit of storing complete web form submission information with marketing data attached. 

Complete Form Lead Capture

Capturing form submissions from a lead generation campaign is crucial. Lead quality is a key factor when evaluating and running successful lead generation campaigns. Add Custom fields.


SMS and Chat Tracking

Those of you who know the power of chat and text, will love knowing what marketing brought them to your website. See marketing campaigns and keywords with your chat log. Compare chats alongside phone calls, forms and transactions.

Web Chat Lead Reporting

Web Chat is a popular way for your website visitors to get in contact with you and an effective lead generation source.

Text & SMS Lead Reporting

Like Web Chat, texting is a popular way for your website visitors to get in contact with you and an effective lead generation source.

Add Marketing Data

Add custom fields and generate automations based on new leads. Works great with Google Ads.



Track all of your e-commerce transactions. See all your leads and sales in one place. Phone Calls, Form Submissions and Chat together with your online orders. 

Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

Ecommerce tracking in Fluid Leads lets you measure the revenue and transactions that your leads generate. Fluid Leads sends those Ecommerce Events to Google Analytics when a Thank You page has been reached and the Fluid Leads tracking code has been triggered.

Transaction Marketing Data Tracking

With Transaction Marketing Data Tracking, you can quickly see what source and medium was used to bring the user to your site. If you’re using paid advertising, you can also see which Campaign, Content, Ad and Keyword brought that user to buy on your site.


Offline Sources

Direct mail campaigns, radio, TV, print, and more can be directly tracked by Fluid Leads. Any lead can be manually added at anytime as well.