Lead Management

Manage Your Leads. Sort, Filter and Evaluate leads by marketing channel, keyword or contact information.

Search Leads

Fluid Leads allows you to perform a search for a lead to reference in real-time and instantly. Search for a Lead by name, phone number, email address and custom fields for an instant reference.

Audit Leads

Review each phone call, text, chat, transaction, and event. Add a sales value and mark if the lead was useful or not. Ensure you focus your marketing on what is truly working to help you earn more business.

Export Leads

Fluid Leads allows you to export all your leads. You can sort by filter or search to back-up your leads, create Spreadsheets, import into your CRM and more. You can export your leads into a CSV file directly from your Fluid Leads dashboard.


Marketing Reports

See what marketing converts to leads. We've created a set of marketing reports where you can quickly see what marketing is delivering the most leads as well as the most qualified leads.

Leads by Campaign, Keyword, or Source

In Fluid Leads, seeing what Campaign and Keyword that drove a conversion not only gives you a picture of performance, but also gives you the data to optimize your pay per click efforts.

Leads by Landing Page

Know where your users begin their journey by knowing which landing page gets them to your site and what the page they were on when they converted. Use the insights to optimize and target potential new customers.

Email Notifications

Fluid Leads allows you to choose which alerts you want to receive in your inbox. When a new lead is received, you get an instant notification in your inbox