Improving Team Morale with Company Perks

June 25, 2019
Business Operations

Having a happy crew isn’t just all about the base salary incentive your company offers.  Take a peek into some of the ideas Fred’s Appliance has implemented within their organization.

Positive Feedback

Customer reviews and positive feedback are an extremely important part of our company’s vision.  Your online reputation as a business is ever so crucial as we progress into the digital world. If you don’t have a good reputation online as a business, it will likely lead to your demise.  

We all get positive feedback from time to time from our customers.   Sharing the reviews across our entire team which provides a certain level of competitiveness that drives up morale amongst all of us.  We feel this is a flagship process of our business model.

If you aren’t sharing positive feedback across your entire staff, how will new teammates truly know how they’re performing if they aren’t regularly seeing their peers reviews?   We want each and every teammate to be proud of themselves, and our entire team by regularly receiving positive notes to their inbox.

That extra pat-on-the-back simply makes everyone’s day better!

We go into greater detail of how Fred’s Appliance sets this stuff up in a different post.

Measure your Customer Service and Reward Staff That Excel

Productivity and the bottom line is important but what do your customers think of your staff? Especially your field staff who are the face of your business? Fred’s Appliance tracks this with every customer and they ensure that after each finished job, they are asking for feedback from that particular customer.

This ensures Fred’s has plenty of positive feedback to share with the entire team, but it also allows Fred’s to set a metric for Customer Service with their entire field staff.

Every year, Fred’s Appliance will reward one technician with the best survey scores with a $2,000 paid vacation. The only requirement that is required is that the employee has to use it on vacation.

See the blog post at Fred’s Appliance

Voting Days

Voting is arguably one of the most important civic responsibilities we have as citizens of this society.  Why not incentivize your staff to do so?

This past November 6th, we had a late start.  We offered each employee a stipend to go out to breakfast on Fred’s Appliance.  We encouraged each of our teammates to treat someone special, their family or a friend to breakfast at a restaurant or at home.

Following, we encouraged each teammate to go vote!  All teammates that sent in a selfie with an “I voted” sticker received 3 paid hours of “voting” time from Fred’s Appliance.

This was well received from our entire staff.  I encourage you all to try it!


The owner of our company makes it a point to always personally call teammates on their birthday.  During the conversation, the teammate is extended an opportunity to have dinner on Fred’s Appliance.  We offer a $100 stipend. This can be spent at any restaurant of their choice. Some would rather cook up a steak at home, and in those cases, they are certainly able to spend this $100 at the grocery store.

Who doesn’t love getting a phone call from the boss wishing them a happy birthday along with picking up a birthday dinner tab?

Truck Take Home Benefit

Instead of forcing your field staff to a designated location every day to pick up their truck. Allow your technician to take their truck home every day. We’re not suggesting giving them free rein to go joy riding but simply removing the unproductive, repetitive drive to and from your shop to pick up their truck is time better spent generating more revenue for the company.

The technology is available today to set this up with confidence. Using GPS tracking is a must for this setup which gives you full visibility at any time of where your vehicle is located.

Your job dispatch software should also be able to email or push out the technician’s route electronically so they can get the new job info to their smartphone or tablet.

Working From Home

This is not as easy as some of the other perks but it is possible in 2019 to have your entire field staff and support staff working from home. The key is setting up communication and accountability using a Customer Relations Management software.

For your support staff, this opens up the entire country to your employment efforts allowing folks from anywhere to work for you, pending the time zone difference.

For your field staff, not having to report to the office every increases their productivity and revenue-generating opportunity. After the technician completes their job, they can go straight home, which means more personal time for the staff.

We encourage you to think outside the box in your businesses.  Got any questions about our ideas, or would like to chat? We’d love to talk!  Reach out to us here.

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