How Your Online Reputation Can Effect Your Ability to Recruit Talent

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August 15, 2018
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In any business, your greatest asset is your employees.  You can have the greatest intentions with the largest vision, but failing to acquire talented individuals to join your team can easily lead to disaster.  Or you end up working 80-100 hours per week as you struggle to put out fire after fire throughout your company.

To succeed in consumer support and field service, we believe you have to focus on all details and aspects of what your employees and customers experience on a daily basis.  Looking at this from a macro perspective, it’s extremely intimidating.  Instead of doing that, we like to focus on one specific aspect of our business that we can make a change to and measure the impact.  Hopefully, we improve the experience for our staff and/or customers but we also discover unintended consequences that bring additional value or concern to the table.

How Your Online Reputation Can Effect Your Ability to Recruit Talent

Online reviews are a big deal for any business operating on the internet.  Yes, we want to ensure that the products we are selling have good reviews.  The same goes for field service, you should be surveying the results of your field staff after every job.  Customers will not be shy and you need to know what’s going on, good and bad. Combine this process with your online review surveying and you can avoid surveying your customer’s to death while getting good data about how your staff and products are performing.

It’s easy to understand the importance of having good customer reviews to earn new business but what about recruiting talent?  A popular website among job seekers is GlassDoor.  One of the unique features on this platform is that it allows employees to rate employers.  Fair or not, we need to adapt and keep an eye on how our companies are listed.  You could be spending thousands on advertising that you’re on a massive hiring spree only to lose applicants before they even apply when they see your GlassDoor rating.

We highly recommend claiming your company or listing your company on the website.  If you are unlisted that will not keep you safe, a disgruntled former employee can set up the listing so they can leave a review.  Just as customers can on Yelp, Google, etc.  Take control of your online reputation otherwise someone else is going to write your company narrative for you.

Fixing GlassDoor is important but how are your overall customer reviews?  Google your business name right now and see what shows up.

Subtle variations of this search result is how the entire WORLD see’s your business.  Your customers, your neighbors, your family, and even that new potential appliance repair technician sees these very same reviews.  It can happen before you even get a chance to interact with the customer personally.  Remember, it only takes a cell phone to see this stuff.  It takes longer to make your bed than it does to look up your company reviews.

Take control of your online reputation and earn more opportunities to find a new member for your team.  People just want to work for a company that will take care of them.  Stop shooting yourself in the foot.  We can help you with some free DIY tips on improving your customer reputation while also sharing options of taking complete control and quickly improve your online reputation.

Regardless if you use our services or not, the internet is not going away, get it done!

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