How to Measure your Field Staff on Customer Satisfaction by Fred’s Appliance

August 12, 2019
Appliance Repair

Notes from Holly B. at Fred’s Appliance on how her team is utilizing Fluid Local surveys

There are many ways to measure the productivity of your staff. We at Fred’s Appliance find that feedback from our customers can highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of our team members. Following a completed job, we send a request to every customer asking for their feedback. The request asks them to fill out our survey or they can choose to review us on social media or Google. We are able to pull the data from all of the surveys and we use this to reflect on our performance.

To date, we have requested 30,323 surveys and have received 5,232 reviews which are a review conversion rate of 17.25% with an average rate of 4.75/5 stars. Additionally, we like to compare the feedback based on the technician that completed the repair.

At the end of each business day, we send out a report that shows:

  • the total number of stars
  • average rating
  • number of requested surveys
  • completed surveys per tech for the year to the current date.

This allows our technicians to see how they stack up to their peers and drives friendly competition.

An initial impression we have made when reviewing the data is a correlation between a higher number of completed reviews and a higher average rating.

We believe this is coming from not just the software but our staff verbally mentioning a survey is going to be coming when the job is completed. We encourage our technicians to politely mention to their customers that they may get a survey request and that it’s important to us that they fill it out. No sales pitch is required, just a simple one-sentence making the customer aware. The more surveys we get, the more information we receive that can help us moving forward and it will likely lead to an increase in average stars.

Additionally, every five-star review that we receive is directly emailed to every person in the company. Our team members can see their reviews and feel that sense of accomplishment while also seeing all of the good things their peers are doing. On the IT side, we setup this process of forwarding 5-star reviews by using G Suite.

We find it’s important to highlight the 5-star reviews because it’s an easy way to boost morale. The customers’ feedback ranges from “great service” to specifically naming employees, both technicians and office crew, that provided stellar service and how.

Not only is it a good feeling to read compliments about yourself but it lets the boss know you deserve some brownie points!

Fluid Local has played a huge role in getting this process in place as it does most of the work of sending out the surveys to each customer and tracking it all by a technician. We just took the information provided in Fluid Local’s reporting section and set up some simple guidelines to measure our team’s success.

Each year, Fred’s will reward the top performer in customer satisfaction based on the technician with the most stars. We then award them a paid vacation allowance of up to $2000 that has to be used for a vacation. You can read about the recent winner here.

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