5 Benefits of Online Appliance Repair Training

May 4, 2021
Appliance Repair

There are lots of benefits of training online. With the advancements of technology, it is now possible to learn online and receive as good of, if not better, training as you would if being taught face to face by an instructor.

With recent world events, online training has also become a much more desired way of learning for several reasons. At Fred’s Appliance Academy, we now provide online training as well as in-class training.

Here are the top 5 benefits of online appliance repair training.

1. Learn at Your Own Pace

Appliance repair training online means you can learn at your own pace. If there is a particularly difficult concept that you need to learn, then you can always leave it for another time or a later date.

When you are doing online training, you can choose whatever study methods work the best for you. This is different from classroom learning, where all students are required to learn at the same pace (or they risk getting behind) and learning in the same way as the whole class.

With online training, you can access all of the study materials whenever you require them so you can do further study. You can also go back to the materials when you need to refresh your knowledge. For example, if you are tasked with fixing a broken microwave and you are unsure of how to do it, you can go back to your study materials to find the lesson materials on how to do it.

2. It’s Interactive

A lot of students find that online training is much more interactive than in-person learning in a classroom setting. This is because with online training the learning tools are much more interactive. For example, if you do an online quiz to test your knowledge of a specific appliance repair, you will get instant feedback about the questions you got wrong. This helps students to learn better and more quickly.

Our online training includes lots of detailed videos that you use to learn how to do appliance repairs. You can pause and rewind the videos if you need to, which helps students to learn. This is more interactive than in-class training, where you can often miss something being taught, which means you won’t fully understand what is being taught.

Online training also allows you to post questions to the instructors about problems you are having or material that you can’t get your head around. This is very different from in-class learning, where lots of people feel uncomfortable asking questions and instructors don’t always have the time to give each student individual feedback.

3. Supports Different Learning Styles

Another benefit of online appliance training is that it supports different learning styles. As mentioned above, online training means you can learn at your own pace, and this means you can take your time to learn in the style that best suits you. For example, some people prefer to watch videos and take notes, and some people prefer to watch instructional videos and attempt to repair an appliance starting and stopping the video as they go. With online training, the choice is yours.

Online training is also much more flexible, as you can choose the learning style that suits your schedule and preferences. Because you don’t have any time restraints, you can try out several different learning styles until you find the style that suits you best.

4. Great for Getting Feedback

Online training is great for getting feedback from instructors. When you do a training module, you can reach out and ask questions to our instructors, who will respond quickly, and they can give you detailed feedback at the end of a training module so that you can see where you went wrong or where you can improve.

In-class training, on the other hand, doesn’t always mean you can get personalized feedback, as the instructor won’t always have the time to go around the class to each student and give feedback. Some people also don’t feel comfortable asking questions in front of a group, which means they won’t learn as well as they could.

5. It’s Convenient

Finally, for some people, online training is more convenient than in-person training, as you can do the training anytime and anywhere you want – all you need is an internet connection and a quiet space to work.

Lots of our students say that this means they can focus better on the training materials and that this results in more effective learning for them. This is because they aren’t under as much stress to learn at the same pace as everybody else in the class, as they can take their time and stop and start whenever it suits them. Some students also say that this helps them to absorb the information much better and that they come away from their training much more informed of the topics that they have studied.

The Bottom Line

Online training has many advantages over in-person training, including that it lets you learn at your own pace, it’s much more flexible, it supports different learning styles, it’s great for getting feedback, and it’s much more convenient.

Some people prefer in-person learning, while others may prefer online training. That’s why at Fred’s Appliance Academy we offer both online and in-person training programs.

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